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Implement the right revenue growth strategy for your holiday home

Are you marketing your holiday home to the right guests, in the right market, at the right time, for the right price, on the right travel sites?


In these challenging times, Destada Properties revolutionary revenue management solutions will help you target the right guests through the best marketing channels, to unlock earning potential you may not realise exists. 

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How dynamic is your pricing?

It is more important than ever that your property is priced just right at all times. When demand is low, perhaps it’s time to price to entice? But when demand is high, that’s the time to set pricing to maximise your profits. 


Using real-time data Destada solutions will help you price your property just right for guests searching right now, tomorrow, and next week, optimising your bookings and producing the annual return you want.   





Is your property being advertised on all the right travel sites?

In average, a holiday rental property is listed on five travel platforms but did you know there are more than 400 online travel sites you could be using to market your property?


Destada analyses trends, competitors, demand, occupancy, and many other signals, to ensure together we promote your property to the right guests, using the all right marketing channels.

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