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The goal of Destada is to improve annual revenues and streamline the experience of owning or managing holiday homes.  Destada employs experts in travel distribution and revenue management and works with preferred local suppliers to fulfill operational requirements including house-keeping, meet & greet and photography.

Perfect Shot

...who understand the impact that inspiring photographs can make.  Photographers with an eye for detail who can showcase a property and highlight the best attributes.

Destada Properties 1.png
Hotel Staff with Towels

...who take pride in ensuring every property is cleaned and prepared to welcome the most discerning of guests

Destada Properties 1.png
Party on Roof
MEET & GREET ensure that guests can access the property and have everything they need for an enjoyable stay.

Destada Properties 1.png

If you are a business that can supply all of these services, we would be very happy to explore a partnership.  We meet with all of our partners and following a diligent reference process you will be invited into the network where you will be introduced to new property owners who are seeking services.

If you are interested in becoming a Destada Partner please contact us here with the service you provide and your location.

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