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Increased Revenue

Flexible Terms

Low Fees


Destada Properties revolutionises the way that your property in Asia is managed and unlocks earning potential that you may not realise exists. Developed by a team of travel industry professionals with expertise in sales, marketing and distribution, Destada Properties will help you embrace your investment and realise its true potential.

The short term rental market is one of the fastest growing sectors in Asia with demand increasing at an exponential rate.  In order to fully leverage this exciting sector a holiday home needs to be skilfully represented.

Asia is home to many of the fastest growing holiday destinations accommodating guests from across the globe with exceptional growth from many emerging markets including Russia and China.

A holiday home needs to be exposed to the right market at the right time at the right price.  Each traveller demographic has criteria in choosing their vacation rental; from global and regional trends to specifics like the style of the property, if there is a housekeeper or if there is a shopping centre close by.

Recognising the needs and trends is key to optimising occupancy and yield and delivering the annual return that you want.

+ Lower Fees – Destada offers unparalleled fees across the region making professional property distribution a must have.

+ Increased Occupancy – embracing decades of skill from the tried and tested hospitality market ensures that Destada delivers optimised occupancy.

+ Flexible Terms – no fixed term contracts or limitations on personal use, Destada is confident that it’s service will deliver.

+ Transparency – open and accessible, Destada is here to represent your property in the complicated travel market optimising channels to reduce cost of distribution.

20A Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088443

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